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Welcome to Annette & Darios musicworld!

With our long experience in the music and entertainment our main goal is to brighten your unforgettable moments.

From a singing to guitar for a cozy dinner to a full band for a "raise the roof" smash fest, we can adapt to your wishes.

All sound and light equipment we provide ourselves as long as it covers the size of your event. Additional equipment is up to the organizer.

Our events offer available under the "CONCEPT"

For the wedding, baptism and the last farewell Annette will gladly help to find the best music to really brighten Your great event.

Annette Kumerle Lindwall


Annette began her musical career as a fourteen year old in "Master Sounds Studio" in Skurup where she every day after school assisted at different artists' recordings such as Peps Persson, Manfred Man, Cornelis Wreeswijk between others.

At the same time Annette worked as an ensemble member at Ystad Opera as an opera singer, dancer and actor, where she was praised by opera diva Birgit Nilsson.

She was honored to sing at the inauguration of the Greenpeace international meeting.

She studied on the respected Jazz line at Skurup Folk High School as she went for two years and sang in time with different bands.

Annette has the soul and ability to easily move with her voice in totally different styles and interpret everything in an amazing way.


Annette sang, danced and starred ”Apollon Picture & Film” for many years, which led to the fun missions, among others opponents to Björn Kjellman (famous Swedish actor). One of many mission is the song ”I Wanna Love You” with The Sinners.

Filming the "Army of Lovers" and enchanting bandleader Alexander Bard (known as the "Idol" jury member) was Annettes door in adding her voice on most of their albums and songs including hits such as ” I’m Crucified”, ”I Give My Life” and ”Obsession”.

The collaboration led to a recording contract with producer Ola Håkansson who caught the eye of Annette. With Olas "Stockholm Records", she wrote and published his own album which was called ”Silent Voices”.

With Anders Hansson she wrote ”Runaway" which is featured in the film ”Ha ett underbart liv”. ”Runaway” became smash hit in Japan.

Annette worked with another artists like Jerry Williams and "The Boppers" - Unplugged.

For her involvement in the music and culture as well as a mentor for young singers Annette was awarded with Landskrona Culture Grant in two rounds - the year 1996 and 2011.


Annette's operatic vocal coach during high school on Österport School in Ystad, Birgit Würtzner laughed after ten lessons and said: "I have nothing more to teach you, you understand everything I explain and you can put it into words - you might as well start teaching. And with your strong voice you can go anywhere. "

Annette began teaching singing happily as she did singing technique in the physical sense.

Today she is trained manual singing, voice and respiratory therapist as well as vocal coach. Her mentor student Josefin Nilsson got second place in the ”Talang” 2014 and Rebecka Karlsson reached the second place in Idol 2016.

Annette is also educated in mental training and physical awareness of the body to control the tone and voice when it fails to work due to eg damage.

One fun feature is The Battle of Choirs (Swedish Edition) with Siv Malmqvist in 2008.


The time is filled with many own conserts and sstudent conserts, as well as wedding ceremonies, corporate events and church concerts, "The Battle of Choirs on Ekebo".

2013 - Landskrona’s 650 year anniversary where Annette in cooperation with Rickard Malmsten and her husband sings the song ”Landskrona it is me, it is you”.

Dario Kumerle


Dario started his musical career after he was contaminated by "Bijelo Dugme" - the biggest rock band in the former Yugoslavia. The group's guitarist and songwriter Goran Bregovic inspired Dario to start taking guitar lessons.


Darios professional career started a few years later at the age of 17 as a bass player in Croatia. He participated as a bassist on his first recording that bears first fruit - the hit song ”Andrea” which is still today on radio lists.

At age 19 came offer from the group "Film" where Dario joined and recorded two studio albums which sold platinum "Sunce Sja", "Zemlja srece" and a live "ZG Rock Forces".



Career keep on to Boris Novković with whom Dario appeared on Yugoslavias ”Eurovision Song Contes” that resulted in the second position and the trip to ”ABU Golden Kite” festival in Malesia.



Career moved in the early 90s to Scandinavia to develop as an artist and musician, and Dario change his bass guitar to electric guitar and vocals. Five years on different Scandinavian Ferries and hotels with the band "Festival" where Dario finally setled in Landskrona, tired of touring life. In Landskrona, he began working as a music teacher and weekends were reserved for the scene with his band ”50/50".

Aside of that he leads "Cabaret Mix" - a choire of mentally disabled youth.

In Landskrona he met the love of his life Annette and now they have two girls who are also on their way into the music.

He is now a certified music teacher and performer.





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